Friday, December 16, 2016

6 - 20 seater dining table

6 - 20 seater dining table 

Our client approached us after seeing the convertable at one of the shows. Her brief was to create a vast and flexible dining solution with dining from 6 up to 20 people and 5 different table positions.

The two separate tables can be used individually as a six seater and open out to double size to make two 12 seaters. the two tables can be joined together to make either a large rectangle 20 seater or square 18 seater.   

We used a grey stain oil to finish which keeps the texture of the oak but calms the colour down to fit into a neutral interior style.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Woodbrook Sideboard

The Woodbrook sideboard was designed and made for a collector of fine art and contemporary furniutre. We worked with her to realise the final design of the cabinet.

The sideboard has four soft close, hidden runner drawers and two large cabinet compartments with height adjustable shelves inside.  Made from oak, we picked out pieces which match and flow keeping the look of the sideboard un-fussy and sleek.


 For price and more information about his piece, visit our website.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Guitar stands

We recently designed and made a series of guitar stands that have been a total hit for christmas gifts.
The mixed wood guitar stand have a leather pad to rest your guitar on. The solid wood curve compliments the shape of the instrument and allows plenty of space for the body of an acoustic as well as an electric guitar.

The stand is available in any combination of woods. shown below in oak, ash, cherry and walnut.


Monday, December 5, 2016

Chapman cabinet

We frequently take part in the Craft in Focus contemporary craft shows and the owner contacted us with a request for us to design and make a show stopper for him that would reflect with his eclectic taste and display his collection of ceramics.

This cabinet is made from cherry and ash, the legs are formed by tensioning three pieces of ash and inlaying them into the side panels of the cabinet. More curves were added as handles to the four doors and two drawers. Glass shelves and lights were installed into the top cabinet and variable height shelves into the bottom cabinet.


Holborn article

In her fathers footsteps

We were honoured to be invited to have a 3 page editorial in the Holborn magazine. and here it is!...

Carolyn Codd jewelley shop

We recently revisited Carolyn Codd's Jewellery shop in Nottingham to fit a solid cherry shelf into the front display window. We have made lots of furniture for the shop in the past including all of the cabinets, reception desks, chairs, fitted window cabinets and more+

We were really happy with how the shelf turned out and they now have it full of sparkling jewels in time for Christmas!

Keizel coffee table

Inspired by the great sculptors Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore this coffee table is created by layering MDF and sculpting out the shapes. the table is 1.2m long and sprayed to a mat - off black finish.

Variations of this design and colour are available - talk to us and book a free design consultation.


 Preview image of how its made. This photo was taken before the top piece was attached and shows the layers of MDF that form the shapes of the table.

 Photograph of coffee table in situe

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Elliott side table

This piece is a good example of how we can work with existing styles of furniture in your home. The client was a collector of Ercol furniture and had many pieces. they however, required a specific functionality with curved, pivoted drawers and a semicircular top to fit into a space so commissioned us to create the 'Elliott side table'

This piece is made in oak but we can create something similar in elm, walnut, ash and many more woods.  more+ 


Monday, October 17, 2016

Turner gamer table

The client wanted to surprise her husband with a special gift for his birthday and decided to ask us to create a games table that would house his marble games board.

The brief was to create a table with a compartment for the chess pieces and would also allow the marble games board to be flipped over to backgammon on the underneath of the board. To allow easy access to the secret compartment, we fitted the table with a button mechanism which when pushed, a dowel pushes the board up.


So that the table was in keeping with the existing old oak furniture, we used a process called 'fuming'. Oak is put into a chamber with ammonia and in 24 hours the colour is significantly darker.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Darby sideboard

This sideboard is made with solid english walnut and has an oak inlay and detailing on the floating draw. more+

Thursday, September 1, 2016

waney edged dining table

We have just completed our waney edge dining table and think it looks rather nice!! more+

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Home and Garden feature

We were thrilled to be in the August edition of Home and Garden - 101 fabulous storage ideas with our Shelfie -

Monday, August 8, 2016

Engraved walnut box

We love it when people commission us to make presents for loved ones. This solid walnut memory box swivels open and has the couples initials engraved into the top. It will be used to store memories from their wedding day in. A truly unique and personal gift! more+

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Holborn Magazine article

We were thrilled to have such a lovely article written about us. I have copied the text below so that it is easier to read!

Lee Sinclair Furniture was started by Rosalind’s father back in 1974 after he moved up to Lincolnshire from the east end of London. Having been born in Islington and raised in West Ham, he studied 3D design at Horsey College of Art. Then upon exiting the capital he moved up the country, where he designed and made bespoke/small batch furniture just outside of Lincoln until 1981 when he moved to their current workshop on the edge of Sherwood forest in Nottinghamshire.

He and his wife Jill raised their family, Rosalind being the youngest of three, where the business still resides. The company and Lee has been decorated by copious awards over the decades including being named ‘the number one bespoke furniture maker in the country’ by the Independent newspaper in 2005.

Rosalind herself studied fine art in Lincoln, and then lived and worked in London for three years before returning to the family business to train alongside her father. The business grew when her husband Daniel Griffin joined the company alongside Rosalind and they have bothworked alongside Lee for 5 years.

Rosalind, now a Director of the business, makes furniture and deals with clients, her
husband Daniel makes furniture and designs too, they then have Nick in the workshop, as a cabinet maker of 25 years and in October last year they took on an apprentice Seb, with a vision to train him up and hold on to him for the next 25 years.

Lee Sinclair furniture specialise in bespoke handmade furniture for customers across the UK and occasionally further afield. They work on projects ranging from fully fitted bedrooms, to extending dining tables, to throne-like lounge chairs and multi-functional furniture. Everything they do is done by hand using traditional and trusted techniques. No computer aided machines darken the workshop at all; and Rosalind points out to me that ‘in fact all the machines are much older than I am but they are completely reliable, incredibly robust and well made, and we can usually fix/maintain them with a hammer and a spanner!’ I ask Rosalind what it has been like to step into such a tradition set down by her father, ‘Given that my father has been doing it for 40 years I can’t express how much of an advantage/step up that has given us. Not having to source new machinery or workshop space, and having a stack of design ideas that would fill a library is a huge benefit for us. I am lucky to have access to my fathers past work and be able to almost design on behalf of him. I think that the biggest challenge I face is being able to eventually become known as a furniture designer under my name.’

Our upcoming Issue 6 of The Holborn will take a focus on inspiring female artisans from all walks of life, especially those pioneering individuals who are both transforming their industries in their own right and challenging certain antiquated gender stereotypes - I ask Rosalind if being a woman has ever had a impact her work - ‘I don’t feel that it hinders me; I certainly get a huge amount of support and confidence from working with my Dad. I love telling people that I am a furniture maker and waiting to see the expression on their face! When we are at craft shows or exhibitions we get talking to a lot of ‘hobby woodworkers’ who tend to be older gents with a set of chisels and a lathe in their shed. They are surprised to learn exactly what I do in the business as it is often assumed I’ll be doing the upholstery and paperwork. The design side of the business is very client led and I have no doubt that I can get every bit the same quality of information and sales from a potential client as any male colleague. It is a very ‘manly’ world once I’m in the workshop - I think power tools and machinery are partially run on adrenalin and testosterone! But I don’t feel out of place guiding a plank of walnut over the table saw or cutting a mortice and tenon joint in a dining chair leg.’

So to the furniture and in particular the companies bespoke work, Rosalind explains to me that the ‘beauty of bespoke means we can accommodate any size and space and design to fit it.’ She explains the variety is great with some clients seeking them out for their skills and creating something very unique or others desiring that typical ‘Lee Sinclair’ style. And the process and production techniques? Rosalind succinctly puts it so - ‘Throw away furniture has a place in the world but it isn’t here! I’d rather take a plank of wood and turn it into something that will be loved and looked after for years to come and thereby given much more sustainability.’

There will be a full article in the next Holborn magazine so keep an eye out for a copy!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Ingram bedroom

Much of last year was spent designing and making a bedroom suite for a client in Kent.

The final result is pretty amazing and we have just put all of the finishing touches in.

The brief was to create as much storage space as possible. We achieved this by reconfiguring the room, installing two large fitted pull out wardrobes and moving the bed to the centre of the room away from the sloping roof. We also redesigned the dressing room area, moving a wall back into the hallway and adding a door to a walk in wardrobe/dressing room.

We created: a bed, headboard, side tables, two roller wardrobes, a sideboard, a tall boy and a cabinet inside the walkin wardrobe. We also made two doors, caadded two walls in ash and made solid ash skirting for the room.

All in all that created a vast amount more storage space for the room.
East Midlands based Furniture designers and makers Lee Sinclair Furniture, custom build bespoke furniture to commission or chosen from a comprehensive portfolio of the finest original contemporary furniture. visit for further information.