Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Apprentice

Just over a week to go before we throw the doors open and welcome the hoards!

Sorry, I mean potential customers, although from the feedback I have got so far it might be fellow woodworkers coming to have a look around.  I don't mind. It should be interesting talking to like minded people and I might even learn a few things.
Did anyone see "The Apprentice" last night?
The winning chair/table design was suggested to me by Dan months ago and I dismissed it saying "why would anyone want a chair that turns into a table? because when you are sitting in the chair you would need a table and vice versa". And they got 3500 orders for theirs!!! I still have a lot to learn even after all these years.

Follow this link and fast forward to 27 mins in! it is uncanny!

This is just a concept drawing but there are remarkable similarities to the "Apprentice" design. I think Dan's would probably work better though.

Lee Sinclair, 2013 

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