Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rufford Exhibition

Took four pieces over to Rufford Craft Gallery on Thursday for the Open Studios Exhibition that starts next Sunday and should run till the end of May. There will be a large map of Nottinghamshire with all the open studio participants marked.

Called in on the Bodger exhibition at the Harley Gallery. Some interesting shapes but the overall impression reinforced my theory that Lucian Ercolani was a clever man.  He took the old bodgers windsor chair and developed a whole collection from it that are recognised as classics. All the chairs in the exhibition were using the same inspiration and all turned out looking like Ercol. All to be expected I suppose.  I was impressed by the Lloyd Loom part of the exhibition, well worth a look.

This week I will be working on the Cherry Tall boy and finishing the drawings for my "Homage to Arp" sideboards.

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