Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rufford Exhibition

Took four pieces over to Rufford Craft Gallery on Thursday for the Open Studios Exhibition that starts next Sunday and should run till the end of May. There will be a large map of Nottinghamshire with all the open studio participants marked.

Called in on the Bodger exhibition at the Harley Gallery. Some interesting shapes but the overall impression reinforced my theory that Lucian Ercolani was a clever man.  He took the old bodgers windsor chair and developed a whole collection from it that are recognised as classics. All the chairs in the exhibition were using the same inspiration and all turned out looking like Ercol. All to be expected I suppose.  I was impressed by the Lloyd Loom part of the exhibition, well worth a look.

This week I will be working on the Cherry Tall boy and finishing the drawings for my "Homage to Arp" sideboards.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Avenir coat stand

Monday and just had my eyes tested..... New glasses ordered for close up work which I seem to do a lot of.  Pleased to say that the optician thought my eyes were in pretty good shape which is good news for me as good vision is essential for my work.

We have just got a good order for display system for a large American based supermarket chain that are doing to Britain what Tesco failed to do to USA. They are called Wholefood Markets and although they are not British, their philosophy of buying produce locally and using selected craftsmen that have good sustainability credentials is, in my opinion, a refreshing approach.

Griffin+Sinclair is progressing well and still working on a range of new furniture and related products that we hope to showcase later this year.

Just had another order from a customer that had a bedroom and dressing room from us exactly 10 years ago. This new piece is a tallboy for storing shoes.  I'll put some pics on the website when it is made.

A good week so far and it is still only Monday. Must have something to do with the sun shining....

Here it is... the first product designed by Dan and Roz for our new "Ancillary Range" that will include this coat stand and my flip out, wall mounted coat hooks.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Open Studios getting closer

We are spending lots of time promoting the Nottinghamshire Open Studios that we are participating in. We did it last year and the response was reasonable for a new venture. This year everything seems better organised with better graphics and more involvement from local Arts organisations. I have to say I am not envious of Michael Trueman, the guy that is organiser for the events, it is so much work.

There are a number of studio trails around Nottinghamshire with lots of interesting artist taking part, many of them good friends.  Check out this link to the Open Studios Notts website for more information.

The dates for our open workshop are on our homepage.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Craft & Design selected award

We are in the final six of the Craft & Design Awards, wood and metal section.

Craft and design is alive and thriving in Britain today and these Awards successfully promote the work of talented designer makers internationally - not only to those who already have an awareness of the skills involved, but also to people who may not have yet discovered this wealth of creative talent. 

The Online Public Vote enables people to browse the site, vote for their favourite makers – and at the same time discover new and exciting work by craftsmen and women unknown to them.
Whilst the Public Vote plays a vital role in deciding the finalists for each category, the Invited Specialist Judges and craft&design panel bring an important element of expertise to the proceedings.

See our page here thank you for voting and keep it up!  

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