Friday, February 22, 2013

Coat hook system

It is strange the buzz I get when I come up with a new design. This week I designed a new folding coat-hook system that seems to be original. That is where the "buzz" comes in, creating something that hasn't been done before.  I will devote a web page to it soon once we have the testing out of the way - at the moment my first prototype has six coats hanging from it and is looking good.

I have to thank one of our regular clients that suggested I look into the possibility of designing a system that fits in with the hallway furniture we made for him a couple of years ago. I have always believed that there is always a solution, it is just discovering the problem that needs resolving that sometimes eludes me.  The CONVERTABLE is an interesting point and arose out of necessity. I came up with that design because I was living in a small bedsit and realised that there would be a market for a multifunction table. I also realised that just because room was limited, it didn't mean that quality had to be sacrificed, and I still believe that.

One of my most testing clients and now a friend for over 20 years, set me many design problems that he saw as useful features. We designed door openers for his wardrobes so that both doors opened simultaneously by just pulling on one door. We counter balanced the dressing table mirrors so that the side mirrors could be adjusted for viewing when seated or standing and he made me realise the importance of the little details that blend to make good design.

Lee Sinclair 2013 

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