Tuesday, December 18, 2012

18th December 2012 - First Blog

bespoke furniture maker

Well, at last I have found time to start a blog. I'll try and keep adding news as it happens so that you can follow progress in the workshop. This could be a valuable tool to keep clients up to date on their projects or just for fellow makers to see how I work.

We are making a large counter/display for a jewellery shop in Birmingham's jewellery quarter. It is in Oak and features exposed finger joints in the construction.  I am just off now to fetch the glass for the display area. I'll put some photos up to show progress when I get back.

 These all interconnect to form a large "L" shape as shown in my original sketch.
Just realised that I have posted before. Must be getting old! but it was in 2007 so it shouldn't count. Still true though, I cannot believe that it makes sense for timber to go from America to China then carted over here as cheap, cheap furniture! That is 3/4 of the way around the world! Are we all mad?

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